Spray dryer with Hemp oil

We are a spray dryer manufacturer:

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Here share with you a test of us:
We have a customer who sent us hemp seed oil, and we did a test.

  1. Material: Hemp seed oil and maltodextrin
  2. Machine: Spray dryer

Since the oil and maltodextrin aqueous solutions are not compatible at room temperature, it is best to use a homogenizing emulsifier before mixing.

Another test is :
We have a customer who did a test in his lab

  1. Material: CBD oil and unknown other materials
  2. Machine: Spray dryer

Detailed process:


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When you say “it is best to use a homogenizing emulsifier” what exactly do you mean?

Are you saying, just add a surfactant or emulsifier to the mixture of distillate + maltodextrin (e.g. lecithin, SDS, quillaja extract)? Then spray dry?

To make oil products, it is necessary to use a homogenizer to mix the oil and ingredients together.

We also have customers which are doing molecular material with our spray dryer.

If you are interested in it, pls contact me by WhatsApp or email, I’ll share more information.

New spray dryer will arrive at our warehouse in the next two weeks

Just give us a price right here, whats ur msrp?

~5k landed for a 2L model.


Yes, with shipping cost to your door. About 5k

Our spary dryer is very good. our customers like it very much!