Spools and caps *USED*

I have a few spools in 3" and 4"

4 in. X 48 in. $35
4 in. X 36 in. $30
3 in. X 36 in. (2) $25
3 in. X 24 in. $20

Bowl reducers, caps, and caps w/ fnpt fitting also available.

do you mind bein more specific on the 4 inch hemi bowls? Do they have ports or filter plates. Actual shipping? can you tke another pic of all available? I think I want the 4 x 36

Yeah pretty sure it’s 4 in. X 1 or 1.5 in. bowl reducers. I have 1.5 in. X fnpt and mnpt I believe. I gotta make a run to storage for all the caps and reducers. I have a 3 in. plate filter somewhere. I’ll take a picture of all the parts I have for sale soon.

Have yet to look at shipping cost. Been using UPS. I’ll shoot you an estimate for the 4 X 36 if you shoot me a dm with your zipcode

think ill want the 4 x 36 and reducers, do you have clamps?

Yezzir, clamps of all sizes. Pretty much asking for 1/3 of the cost of the part new. Also could throw in some gasket filters for the 4 in. No charge