Splits on trim to distillate?

Hi everyone,

I’m looking at opening up am extraction facility in California to complement our remediation business.

We will be able to do ~2500lbs of biomass per day, the facility will have a THC license and we will be making THC distillate.

Since I’m transitioning from the hemp side to the recreational marijuana I was curious about the state of split deals on that side. Are they common or would anyone be interested in this?

Also was wondering if anyone had any spent THC biomass that they are trying to get rid of, looking to play around with it.

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Hi I’m interested. How can I contact you.

in NorCal i know of two prominent companies that work a 70/30 (farmer/extractor) split, seems advantageous to both parties. p sure any higher than that and it’d be hard to find a profit

Ouch 30% to the extractor for taking it to distillate.


competition for trim in the legal extraction market is ruthlessly competitive. i believe it was a product of one company starting at 60/40, another matching that, the first company upping the ratio to 70/30, the other company matched again, etc. farmers love it as it’s a great deal, extractors like it as they don’t need nearly as much capital vs. buying outright

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Hard to build capital when tour cutting your own balls off, that added 3-5 days to take to distillate is expensive. Wither way whatever works, ive just been there a know the number (roughly obvious depends on state) thats close to a break even after labor, daily run rate etc.




Have you seen the billboard in eureka

:point_up:to be clear i’m NOT referring to the gentleman mentioned above.

@Concentrated_humbold i think it comes down to scale, and to efficiency of process–and if you do other stuff (like processing, moving flower etc). pretty sure SISU worked w/ like 400+ farms last year for example.
keep in mind these companies are still standing and fairly thriving 3ish years into legality where dozens of others have folded

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and yes i’ve seen the billboard in Eureka, that’s where the farm # came from :upside_down_face:
i’ve always thought of it as, that ‘kind of obnoxious but you’re talking about it right?’ kind of marketing. and it’s on the sole highway in the middle of Weed County USA lol

Ya i know of several horror stories some still on going of missing thousands of pounds and excuses after excuses, getting caught in lie after lie. Thats why i think the billboard is so funny, see we pay ( but not everyone) is what it should say

Just drove past it lol

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sure there are horror stories, maybe some are true maybe not, i also know that every single farmer in Humboldt is the best grower in the goddamn world and nothing is ever their fault :upside_down_face:


Of course some are not gonna be true but i know several people who have had that experience and have heard about it even more. At some point it cant be everyone is a liar. Either way i don’t care one way or the other.