Spilled BHO, is this salvageable?

Well, i just finished a run in my 2lb cls, and after pouring off into my jar for crystallization, i slipped and spilled maybe a third of it onto this plastic table cloth that i was working over.

I immediately grabbed a spoon and scooped most of it up (maybe 1 minute contact time or so), but now i am wondering if the material is still safe to consume.

I cannot find any information regarding what the cover is made of, but i know a lot of cheap table covers are pvc, which i know doesnt work well with butane. Attached are pictures of the table cloth and my sad mess :disappointed: . I know what remains on the table is a lost cause but at least its only a small portion of what was spilled.

Im hoping i can salvage it, as this was a nug run of my most recent grow.

Do you think that a minute or 2 of contact time would be enough to extract undesirables from the plastic?

Chuck it dude. Shower curtain hash is a thing of the past.


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Just curious what the reasoning is- do you think it pulled something from the material in that short of time?

Its around 50ish grams or so and i do this small time for personal use.

No way to remedy it?

Im chucking whats left on the table for sure. But just wondering about what i have recovered to purge

mmmmmmmm hydrocarbons and bpa’s


Long story short, no matter what, there may be residuals within it now, and ultimately shouldn’t be consumed. Is it possible to separate polymers from hydrocarbons, yes, is it going to be worth it in this case, no.

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Well, thats heartbreaking since it represents a significant portion of months of growing plus the extraction but if there is really no way for me to save it i guess thats it.

Possible to have a sample tested you think? Or not worth it since they likely wouldnt be testing for any of these other compounds?

If you can find out on the label of the table cover exactly what it is, there might be a possible solution to doing something with it. But I looked online and even on simply done website you can’t find the make up or let alone the table cover itself stupidly enough. But given it doesn’t claim bpa free, I’d come to think it has them preset in the polymer make up of the sheet.

There are ways of removing via lle, but then again, lle on 50g of oil that you then have to dilute into a different solvent and wash multiple times, the discard alone will take up to 45% of the product I’m sure. That’s why I say it’s not worth it. Even if you were to run it to distillation you’d have major loss and possible contamination.


Well, I’ll set it aside for now and contact the manufacturer in the off chance they’ll tell me what its made of and whether it contains bpa.

Thanks. At least i still have the majority of the extraction in my jar. Of course my first time trying to crystallize in jar i have this shit happen.

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Maybe shoot some fresh butane on a clean part of the cloth and see if it degrades it in any way


As Tom suggested, you can see if it leaves any impartial streaking that’s not “normal” to extracts.

I’ve noticed on occasion when coming across folks that cheap out and use plastic storage you notice 2 “layers” of oil under vacuum or a discoloration and hard forming residue across whatever it’s melted on.

So if it don’t streak weird, whip it up part of the sample and purge it off of solvent. Then melt on a banger, do not inhale this and see what residuals you have left across the banger.

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No reaction, sprayed it heavily with butane.

Also lit a separate piece on fire. No green flame that would indicate pvc. It sort of just melted and smelled like candle wax to me- still stumped in identifying it

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Ill try that and see what happens. Why not. Its either chuck it or fuck around with it.

As long as you’re not consuming it or inhaling it till sure it’s safe to do so there’s a few ways to determine it without having to fret to hard.

Oh im in no rush to consume it. I have about 300ml of extract / butane in a jar currently that ill eventually get to consume and i still have maybe 20ish grams of stuff from my previous run. My health is definitely a concern i have. Not like 18ish years ago when i was open blasting through pvc like a fucking idiot.

Im just more mad at myself for being clumsy.

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Bro throw it back into your extraction tube and run it through some filter media.
And if you want to purify it even more make diamonds out of it.


Ya don’t toss it that is terrible advice at a minimum turn it into diamonds. I could shit in a jar of extract and a couple recrystallizations it would be clean as non shit diamonds :call_me_hand:


Put it back in the jar pour some butane in the jar (outside!!!) Stir it up so it isn’t super saturated anymore and crash your sugar out. That will be fine, if you are worried discard the terps but I suspect smoking then is about as bad for you as smoking out of a soda can which I wouldn’t recommend but most have us have done and would do again in a pinch.


Do you shit petrochemicals?




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