Spider mite filtration cls

A few plants that are ready for harvest have spider mites. They will be chopped and froze to run through CLS.

Looking for tips on filtration size for filter size.

What size of UM would be best for extracting flower with pests ?


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interested to know also, especially considering they shit all over your plants so you will likely be extracting the feces, and I’m not sure if micron filtration will suffice there. Hopefully someone with experience chimes in.


2 micron will get rid of mold spores


For extraction purposes only…

You have to use a water hose and spray all the mites, webs and bug shit off and wash the buds down. Then use a lawn blower to blow dry quickly before freezing.


Or don’t contaminate your equipment with literal poop product.

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Do a h2o2 wash/rinse


i sometimes to a water clean prior to drying to remove dust and other stuff that ends up on the plant… Bucket 1 - hot water with baking soda, lemon juice and H202, Bucket 2 - cold water, bucket 3 - room temp…

agitate in 1 for 30 sec… agitate in 2 for 30 sec… agitate in 3 for 30 sec… hang dry…

or get the spider mite dust buster WTF…


That mite buster is awesome haha, thanks.


I’ve unfortunately had to do this during my last grow I ever did. Reason I quit, spider mites are on any and every plant in my region.

Freeze that shit solid , leave the poop behind

I noticed no shitty taste, lmao! Literally

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yeah same here, I had mites for a while around 5 years ago, had to shut everything down because I could not get rid of them and didn’t want to use any pesticides. I ended up extracting the whole thing, didn’t use any filtration as I was a noob back then so I’m pretty sure I was dabbing shit, plus it was open blasted so I was also dabbing mystery oil hahaha. Man how things have changed since then!

I got mites from bringing some house plants inside that were outside so I could clone them and make some more. Stupid idea that was…

I finally got rid of them by shutting down the garden for 6 months and bleaching then entire room with a spray solution, cleaned all the equipment and haven’t seen them since. I also NEVER bring anything in from outside now.

Man I still miss the super lemon haze I had running then. Haven’t been able to find anything like it since… I have tons of lemon strains and OG crosses so the terps I have now are on point, but that SLH is just something special.


Isnt it .2 micron

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Maybe for air 2um works well. However for liquid filtering I would suggest .45um, even better would be .22um, or even the .1um for absolute sterility.