Spent biomass and mushrooms

Has anyone every tried using spent hemp bio as the substrate for growing mushrooms? Was thinking about mixing up a bucket of spent material with some oyster grain spores. Wasn’t sure how well it would grow in that kind of medium, or if the fact that it was ethanol rinsed would help(killed other bacteria off) or hurt (kill the mycelium). Hopefully at this point any little remaining alcohol would have evaporated.

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I’d imagine the solvent used from extracting would prevent the mushrooms from growing

You’d probably want to pasteurize first, but starting with good spawn oysters can fruit on practically anything.

Not if you use CO2 :slight_smile:


Aloha Medicinals low tech method.
Way back machune from 4 years back or more.
I tried in the worst conditions possible with hydrated lime as sterilizer. 300 bags ZERO mold!
The ethanol is perfect. Add your spawn, some molasses, spent coffee grounds and calcium. Works much like saw dust but the spawn needs some sugars to get started. You can skip the grain and use liquid culture dribbled throughout.
The ethanol is your sterilizer that off gases prior to your mycelium running.

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If anyone in CO wants to experiment with this I’m open to volunteering a supersack of spent biomass to try it out. Located east of Denver in Strasburg, have about 60k lbs total right now, and have a forklift to load your truck/trailer.

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I work at HAL Extraction in Golden, do you mind reaching out to me Im curious what you are currently doing to get rid of your spent biomass? DM me if interested.

I’m pretty sure “gruger family fungi” in nisku Alberta have been doing this for a while

Better off hooking up with a brewery. Tremendous amounts of perfect growing medium. Can even be sterilized in the brewing process.