SPD with no head temperature probe


The company that I work for recently upgraded our 2L spd setup to a 5L, this particular one from summit. https://summit-research.tech/product/spd-2-fc34-pro-kit/

The setup came with the new fraction finder which I have used, and not had great results with. There is also NO head temperature probe, there is only a three ring well, with no way to attach a temperature probe. This is the piece I am talking about

Does anyone actually run their SPD using only the fraction finder instead of a head temp? From reading the manual it seems to state that this is not how it is supposed to be used. I am very comfortable using a temp probe for distillation, so I am resistant to changing my ways…

Thanks in advance


None of Elliot’s setups use a therno probe in the head.

His new style heads don’t even have a port at all on top


Do any other companies do this? I haven’t had much success with the fraction finder, so I feel like I am running the distillation based entirely on the color and consistency of the distillate that is coming over. I dont like it, since I have been using a head probe for the past 2 years. I just want to know what others think before I commit to figuring out how to use only the fraction finder.


I like the design, I just wish that I could stick a thermometer in the middle of the well so I dont have to take a couple steps backwards


Hey @g_boe ,

When you get a chance, please give our Technical Support line a call (240) 492-6556 ext. 3 or shoot us a DM.

We’d be happy to assist you to get the results that you want.


All of our short paths have a thermo head joint option. You just have to ask. It can come with plugs, Wells, just ask us and we’re happy to help. We have sold Wells for a long time - and it’s just about asking us.