SPD team. What would you buy?

Hello friends, I have a question for the community.
I’m thinking of buying an SPD kit. Labsociety sent me a quote for 11,140.00 dollars I would like to receive your opinion. I have some questions about the return in a lab society kit, in a team of 2l, starting from the Q0yUpmhv9YAkXA.jpeg)

Seems expensive for a 2l kit. But labsociety is top notch

@anon60420198 What do you mean, it’s too notch? what would you buy? Why are labsociety equipment expensive? Is that cost reflected in the final product?

Sorry. *top notch

I honestly never user LS. I have heard good things about them. I have a Rocco Scientific glassware set-up. I like it. But I feel lab society might be better. I paid I think $1300 for a 5L set up

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@anon60420198 how many pounds of flower do you need to fill your 5L kit to the optimum capacity?

It’s a very big price difference, 1300 that cost only the glassware?

Just the glassware. So flower doesn’t go into this. You have to extract the oil from the flower/trim.
You then take the thc oil and put it in the boiling flask. I only have 1 run on this setup. It’s suggested to put at least half the capacity. So ideally 2500 grams. I only put in 1000g when I used it.
I’d say to make 2000 g would take between 50-80 lbs of trim but I could be off. Probably less flower


Hey, that is very expensive. With this pricing, you could get a 20L. But you need to do more research on choosing brand. There is so many scam in the market right now.
The production speed is your concern. I have run 5L before, and the slow speed is already killing me.
I got around 200 gram per hour.
If you have the money, i really suggest you go bigger. otherwise the return will be very slow.

Right now on lab societies website they have a 5L full bore kit for $11,995? So I also think that’s too expensive especially for a 2L.

You might as well go up to the 12L full bore kit it costs only $2k extra.

Reason it’s that price is because it comes with vacuum and recirculator. Only thing missing Is rotovap for solvent recovery also Büchner funnels if any winterizing is to be done. Or other lab equipment and solvents and filter paper.

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Also if you can up your budget a little youre flirting with the realm of a Chinese wiped film unit for a few k more


A conservative number is 8% yield by weight from source material to oil. Reduce again by 10-30% for filtration/winterization and decarboxylation. These numbers vary quite a bit depending on your setup, solvents, methods, skill, and knowledge. To get 1L of processed crude oil you will need roughly 17.5kg of source material.

They are very expensive compared to anyone else. You could put together one for half or less, and do tour homework about the things they tey to selll tou that tou dont need. No mayter what there salesman and want to get the biggest sale possible, that aside i have heard good things about there equipment but it was always way to expensive for me to justify soending that minda money.

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someone knows where I can buy rocco scientific glassware. I can not find anything online, just an instagram account. How much does an SPD kit cost? (2l or 3l)

Que onda mandame tu whats app alomejor yo te puedo ayudar.

Contact them through Instagram

I’m looking for all the information in this forum, I started looking for pieces separately and I came to this small team, does this work for anything? Could you buy this small equipment and test in small batches? As learned in the forum, this team would need the following items to run a race: dry flower (crude oil): 2500grs approx. Ethanol: 5-6 liters return of distilled Thc: 20 - 50ml approx Equipment needed: panda centrifuge 3200rpm filtrarotary evaporator 5l (pump needed?) Buchner funnel 5000ml (pump needed?) Rotary evaporator 5l (pump needed? + Chiller) heating mantle 500ml glassware SPD 500ml (chiller + vacuum pump Alcatel 2021 *) vacuum oven or drying freeze (vacuum pump?) glass reacts add Sop? Well, it helped me to review what I learned, hehe really just wanted to ask if the photo kit is useful? and the pumps that I mention in each process, what are they? Could you give Amazon example or ebay of each one? for a 500 ml kit that vacuum pump goes well? * It’s the only bomb I have. @anon60420198 @Jay-TL @square_root_pharms @Cruzinlabs

Hi, we are a California based lab equipment supplier (Hydrion Scientific Instrument). We have 2l, 5l and 10l short path distillation turnkey setup in stock with very competitive price, feel free to message me.

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Buy a wiped film like an adult

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