Spd practice recommendation

Hope all is well here in this awesome community curious question maybe get laughs :wink: from some
I am curious if there would be a recommendation for a (first time spd I hope ) possible very basic start to spd maybe real short like distill water or something simple to get familiar with equipment and build from that or is best save for the the actual product . Must add I been here reading a whole lot for several months but some things hard come by at moment and I’m not trying waste product which isn’t available financial right at moment but as you may know equipment (thanx 710win Acrossinternational)is ,not all of it for what I would like to be able do eventually. But I’m building it up slowly so anyway any thoughts of literally crawling before running would be appreciated and not ask for the step by step just some thoughts if good idea or just keep studying till I’m were I want with the end idea thanx. Maybe if nothing else this will be entertaining to everyone

Since you have time source secondhans equipment
The vacuum pump on your local Craigs list
Look for auctions of seized assets
Ask the university a fir overstock equipment beg borrow or steal
I have most of what i need
Yet i search all of the above for gems for sale


Absolutely I’ma fabricator at bacon processing plant so able to scrounge a bit of items like stainless even have vaccum pump I have made a stainless buchner funnel experimental of course do you have thoughts of distilling something just to learn mantel head flask maybe something with out vacc even and thanx for you thoughts much appreciated

Take tree kitchen oils mix them up and trow in the boiling flask
Will give you fraqtion example
Trow in some limoneen and you gave a terp fraqtion


That is absolutely awesome thanx I will look that up :+1::blush:

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Hops is cheap.
And will extract with ethanol.
You can also purchase it as an extract.

Haven’t tried it, but should be a decent multi-fraction distilland



O yes thanx I kind a wondered about that as I watched videos of hops be low temp pressed quite imPRESSING :grin::+1: appreciate everything you guys have put out on this forum thanx to this community for helping each other I love learning my life passion