spd noob, have some simple idiot questions

ok, so we recently purchased Amazon.com
and plan on using it for a hot condenser tek with an alcatel 2021i and the sous vide heater to start with.

now, to my two stupid questions.

I am not supposed to plug the 110v wired mantle into the wall directly if i understand. am i supposed to plug it into the 220v to 110v transformer that it comes with, and plug that into a 220v outlet?

also, i want the vacuum to be attached with a ptfe 24/40 to kf25 adapter after the second cold trap correct? if so, what do i do to terminate the vacuum line on this valve https://www.amazon.com/Labwang-Vacuum-Adapter-Joints-Distillation/dp/B07MKHD6L4/ref=mp_s_a_1_3?keywords=Labwang&qid=1569033106&sr=8-3

Thanks in advance, and my apologies if my questions could be answered by searching, at this point i don’t know what to search for

Cant do the hot condesor teck with the sous vide


not how I read that.

I read that, you should just plug it into 220V OR use the 110 => 220 transformer if you’re doing this in your grand mother’s kitchen and don’t have 220.

understand I’m getting this from a product description not from Reading the Fine Manual. so I could be wrong.

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I have a cross connected to that valve, so I can shut it or let in atm or nitrogen or pull a vac.

ok then what tek do i do for now. the more i learn about this the stupider i feel lol

Just plain normal spd run. You will for sure burn out the pump your using if you go to hot condensor tek.

Bring your head to like 50-55c. Thats where fountain pumps limits are usually


@RedundantAlexithymia: tell us what temp you need to run for “hot condenser tek”?
then tell us how hot water will get before it decides to leave the container.



i feel dumb now. Thanks for correcting my apparent lack of understanding of the physics of water


dumb is not the object of the game…just getting you where you need to be, and trying to show where the path is to be found.


Sal good. We all start some where and sometimes the obvious answers dont always seem obvious.


cross such as this? Amazon.com

sorry if im off base, my only education on lab equipment has been what ive crammed from here

I will find a link since I can’t take a pic right now. While I’m looking, it’s a 1/4" female NPT stainless steel cross.

Edit: added “female”

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no one is dumb. Some people are just lazy.

No one as born fluent in anything. Some people just dont care to put in the effort to excel anywhere.

Keep asking questions, but also keep on reading everything you can on your own. Search bar for life. my stance is this… 99% of the stuff i read on here i dont understand at all… but if i can pick up and retain 1% of each article or conversation or thread i read, that 1% will eventually accumulate, and make other once foreign discussions, start to make sense… keep at it… People will always be able to help as long as you do your own due diligence


i just hate having to ask as I rather enjoy the digging part of the learning process. It frustrates me when i have to ask others its like admitting defeat :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Sometimes you gotta ask just to verify information with peers!