SPD microns just won't drop

I cannot get under 4000 microns. Any suggestions?

You need to drastically cut those hoses down. That pump don’t look nearly adequate for that size spd. What micron does the pump get blanked off?

Have you greased the joints?


Definitely bigger pump like Killa said I believe. I’m selling mine if interested. Actually selling my entire set up for a great price.

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Thank you! Im cutting the hoses down right now. The pump is the MS40+ that came with my 5L distiller from USA Labs. I greased the joints but did not teflon tape the where the hoses meet glass

The Agilent ms 40
That’s a single stage vacuum pump ?
If so single stage is your first problem
Leaks are your next

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That gauge did you check if there is this little seal ring inside of the s flare coupling ?

What grease?
O rings in all the fittings?

Also is that a new sensor on the yellow jacket

O rings between all flanges, Krytox grease

Perhaps i should grab some pliers? I tightened everything by hand

Probably the pump. What’s that get down to hooked up to your gauge only

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And yes get some tools and tighten it proper.
Including the kf clamps

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Would USA Lab sell me a pump with my SPD that wasn’t adequate? Im trying to figure out exactly how i can get the system to just my gauge🤔

They may. I’ve got a few items from them that were unsafe to use or not work properly.

Before anything, blank off the vac pump and see how low the microns go. Then go from there.

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I looked it up. It’s single stage.
Max depth 5 x 10-2 m bar. Idk what that translates to

Added much extra grease and tightened the flange connectors. Im down to 800 microns!!!

I can pull a fraction with that right? My understanding from this site is that i can pull if under 1000 but 300 is ideal?

Man a single stage pump is not for spd mains for volatiles it s good but not for mains
Mains below 100 micron is what you want
300 being high not impossible high but not good


What kind of pump ?

I mean you can but it’s not ideal. Going to have darker disty.

Get a good used or rebuilt Alcatel 2021