SPD fraction leaving cow into vacuum line

Hey I’m new to SPD. I have a 5L system from Ai. I was doing my first run last night and I noticed a couple of big issues I was hoping to get help with. The biggest issue is that the fraction isnt condensing in the head (chiller set to 55c at head) and it’s going from the cow into the vacuum line and then into the could trap. It actually looks like its refluxing in the beginning of the vacuum line from the cow to cold trap you could see the fraction in oil form bubbling up the line. There was also a decent amount of smoke or condensation, does that mean a vacuum leak ?
I’ll post a video when I try again in a couple of hrs.

Sounds like those are just volatile fractions like ethanol and terpenes that are waking their way into your vacuum lines which is normal. You dont want those vapors condensing in your main body flask. The vapor puffs you see flying through the cow I’ve also found to be normal some people think it could be leak but I’ve figured out that it’s just nasty vapors passing through mostly on first pass. Second pass wont have much if any of that happening.

I would reccomend maybe setting your condenser as cold as you can and running your volatiles through it till you reach about 155-175°c on the boiling flask then set it back to 55°c when you are about to reach your heads fraction to help minimize the amount of vapors that were making it past that warm condenser trying to find the next coolest place which is your cold trap and or vacuum lines