SPD / Flash Chromatography Recommendations

Hello All!

We are Superior Extractions in Minnesota processing industrial hemp. The industry is fairly new here in comparison with other states and we recently set up a CO2 extraction lab.

We’re currently in the market for a basic SPD set up, and flash chromatography system. Does anyone have any recommendations?


With the farm bill having just signed into law… I cant help but point out some conflicting information

Processing ‘Industrial Hemp’ lead me to believe you’re processing on a large scale but Co2 Extraction & a Basic SPD lead me to believe youre on a small scale?

What kind of volume are you trying to process and what kind of product are you trying to achieve?

Yes dont buy either and hire me as a consultant lol <3 I am dead serious though.

Edit: all jokes aside why do you want a chromo set up?


@PioneeringExtracts I can only tell you this from experience…there are more theives and liars in this industry than most. But if you want someone to lead you right…I have found @Noah and @QGA to be some of the nicest sincere people on here. I am sure there are plenty more, but I can speak from my experience with them thus far…they are real honest people. For whatever that is worth.