Sparkling oil during winterisation

So I dissolved around 300g raw subcritical co2 extract into 5 litres ethanol for winterisation, and after a few days I came back to find that it sparkles like someone dumped glitter in it. Is this thca? And if so how will I seperate it from the fats?

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Nope No thca for thca to crystelize the liquid needs to be super saturated
1:18 oil etho is. Not super saturated
Is your etho 190 proof ?
Water in etho freezes up once there is enough so say 30% water content
Some fats and Waxes once coagulated and with enough time freeze up Wich might give the visual of crystals
Are they only at the bottom or all in the solution ?
Catch Some on filter paper to see what they are


Just to clarify: I didn’t put the solution in the freezer yet. It was sitting at room temperature. 190 ethanol. I filtered out fat and sparkles from solution, redissolved and am now working to remove from fat so that I can get a better sample to run through gc.

I know what you are talking about! My winterized CO2 oil looks like this, but you can only see it when it’s in direct sunlight. The indoor lights are not bright enough to bring out the “glitter”. It looks like gold glitter sprinkled in the red oil haha. No idea what it’s from, just seems to be a normal part of the process.

What you are seeing is most likely lipid crystallization, especially if the raw had a lot of plant fats/waxes in it. This is similar to the process of setting chocolate. Was the room it was in maybe getting warmer and cooler everyday by 5-10 degrees?

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I’m going to guess sugars, but only because I’d expect sugars to form more regular crystals than fats or waxes… I’d expect more waxes than sugars in my CO2 extract :wink:

see if you can filter enough of them out to play with.

smoosh them between your fingers. taste them.