Southern California Trim

For those of you in the legal market in Southern California, what are the average prices you are paying for trim?

Does anyone have a regularly source of trim out here? In about a month, I am going to need a regularly source of trim and would much prefer to have a consistent source from a reputable dealer.

Any input in pricing/sourcing is appreciated.

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Prices are high right now for CAT lll Trim if you can find it. Last I was in Nor Cal our prices where as low as $100 and as high as $175.

We have access to Cat 3 Trim. Fell free to reach out… Need your license info, LOI and POF. Once proofed up, we can provide COA and POL. Pricing is in the middle of BG305’s post.

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100-150 is average I’ve seen

on a side note, do we have to wait till next outdoor harvest for prices to drop? is there a time in between where greenhouses harvest?

I don’t know jack about growing

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Yes, prices will come down at the end of June when the light deps start droping.

Current prices are around 100-140 per lb the prices are on the rise after the recent raids.

So much for that. Looks like the feds took the deps this yr

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Cat II Phase III Trim available in Cali… $133.00 per LB. COA’s available upon request. L2L only. No brokers. You must be a licensed processing lab only. Site survey required to verify the buyer… Currently over 50K lbs available. Please reach out if you qualify. (949) 393 - 8668 or
Light Depo, Spring Auto, FF available as well. Same qualifications.


133 with taxes on your end is taxes on mine?

$133 does not include tax. You pay the tax. And it’s $130 per pound right now. Again. Tax not included.

With all the farms being abated and the “Fed’s” really cracking down heavy right now, licenses expiring and not being renewed, pricing will continue to rise sharply. It’s not about “waiting until the next outdoor harvest” these days. There’s good quality product available. It’s just really hard to get locked in with the farms.

There’s only 9 permanent license holders in the “Emerald Triangle” right now. We work with one of the largest ones up there. July 1, more farms will be shut down with some new laws our Governor has put in place with regard to license renewals. (Or not renewing really).

There are some farms coming on board in San Diego County, but I’m sure most of that product will not be as good as Northern Cal product and will be locked up by contracts from large labs. If labs wait, they will not have any product to keep their machines going. We’re seeing it already happening.

Do you still have Cat 3 available?