Sous Vide Solvent Removal

I bought some really crappy weed with a coupon off weedmaps ($40/oz.) and after a few bowls I decided I’d just turn it into some hash because it wasn’t really smokeable. I extracted around -45 to -50 C in everclear, using dry ice to cool. Extracted for about 30 minutes.

I needed to remove solvent, but unfortunately I don’t have a rotovap/spd in my kitchen; however, I do have an immersion circulator for Sous Vide cooking, and when used as a double boiler it did the job well! I guess this isn’t much different from doing it on the stove, but being able to set the water bath to a precise temperature makes things easier.

I got a decent yield for the quality of starting material (~10% crude oil by mass starting material) and it smoked pretty alright for a quick and dirty run.

So, if you need an easy way to remove solvent for a small home batch and have one of these circulators lying around, it works pretty well!


Great write up. I chuckled at the picture with the fire extinguisher. Were the vapors strong?


Lol this post was ridiculous, I was so uneducated about hash when I first started reading here. I’ve learned so much from this place since then :smile:

And safety first!