Sourcing CBD for personal use?

I’ve had a lot of different people ask me for quality source for CBD and CBD products mainly RSO and lotions. Anyone have good suggestions?

Not to just promote my own company but we carry a lot of different brands and definitely a good place to start.

Even you just being present on this forum makes me have more faith in your brand then local headshops and what not I’ll take a look.

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Awesome! We currently are without CC processing but should have it up in the next week or so.

The cbd isolate I get test at 99.997% cbd. I would say it’s 100% but then I would be A liar so this can be shipped

I have enough bandwidth to fullfill about 20 kilos per month.

Hello Hunter i am Mike Koski bud-tender. I can help you out with what you are looking get. Contact through Phone/WhatsApp number: +1 347-378-8601