Source turbo arrived.. quick question

So… I reduced about 2 liters to maybe a quarter cup of syrup… I was wondering, assuming that collection of this concentrate is not a bad idea… Would T5, or T41 and a run through a fritted buchner funnel be a bad idea?

Thanks everyone. I get a little anxious posting on this forum, because I’m sure some of you see these questions all the time And have answered them dozens of times
… growing the plant is much more my wheelhouse… but I’m learning

secl\ond pic looks reddish, I’d use T-5 maybe- the first pic was the cryo extract tinc correcto?

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I thought that might be confusing after I posted it… The first picture is of the most neutral colored liter of tincture I got, out of a total of maybe 10-12 liters. The small amount in the second photo is the distilled liter from the first photo. The (2l) jar in the second photo is just for comparative consideration.
I am not too concerned with the redness, I’ve been tinkering with T5 t41 and some other bentonite/Fuller’s and have seen the best results from layering: med filter paper/thin celite layer with food grade bentonite around edges to seal paper down/ BVV bentonite 50-50 with celite/AC layer/slow filter paper/ food grade bentonite to seal top paper edges… Each layer having 500ml etho pulled through it… .
All that work gave me about three liters of [almost]✓ not red tincture before it progressively drifted red… but crystal clear. I’m not upset by it at all… I’ve only been at this for three weeks maybe… had never even heard of a buchner funnel three weeks ago, actually.

Anyway. My question is; the jar with the concentrated liter that’s dark red and could finish in vac oven… Am I at risk of chemically destroying my target extracts (you know which ones, the dum dum want money ones) by using any filtering clays for color remediation of the concentrated syrup??? I have already decided that activated charcoal is not in the game plan. Just fyi

Oh… Also… This is all from undewaxed BhO. Dissolved in ethanol, winterized twice, one filter for color, into source turbo