Solvent direct is an awful company with the worst customer service I’ve ever experienced. Change my mind

I called them 2 days ago asked for a expedited shipping quote and was told I’d get a call back. Nothing for 4 hours. Call back told ya we will get that to you shortly. No call back that day. Repeat again yesterday. At no point did I ever recieve a call from them or any follow up. I had to call them every time to get any info. Took 2 days to get a quote. Then tried following up on the shipment to make sure it went out and then got the same bullshit run around to confirm shipment. Every time it was a “we will give you a call” and each time I never Recieved a single call back.

Was this just my bad luck or are they awful customer service ?

First time using them so I didn’t want to jump to conclusions.



I have, but usually they fix it.

Once they delayed a shipment by a week and gave me a free duplicate order when I reupped.

Hit or miss, but they always try to make it right.


@Apothecary36 had a bucket of solvent (can’t remember what) with trim in it.

It’s all in the gas distilling thread.


I waited over a month for a tank to be sent out. Had to contact them multiple times. They were always apologetic and told me I’d be refunded for the trouble but I never did receive that refund…


It’s nice to have their personal numbers which you can call till they get sick of ya.



Lol dude just stopped responding. Had to talk to the president of the company.


El presidente


This is literally my method for getting things done: be nice until you get the cell number of someone with some sort of seniority, then relentlessly call them until they make one of their minions do what you need.

We use it to great success with our state’s miserable seed to sale vendor. If by day 2 of an issue I don’t have a resolution, I have my assistant call their support manager (who foolishly listed his cell number on an email signature once) every hour on the hour. God I would fucking hate to be that guy


Sorta the reason I like being the end all be all with my company. If you call the business. You don’t get customer service people or minions. You get me. And I have the authority to solve any issue


Yeah but you also run a good company lol where solving the problem is an option. These fucking tracking companies lost any programming “talent” around the time they got hired by the various states. Now there’s literally nobody that can put Humpty Dumpty back together again, probably because the four guys that built the kludge castle the first time around saw their cohorts chucking eggs at the ground and got the fuck out when they could. But I digress…


Maybe he is too busy posting SPAM sales threads on here to actually send product out.



Or he’s too busy with his “proprietary three phase” (industry standard) cleaning methods.

Call @Cannagas they’ll get you anything you need.

Oh, and here’s this, verification of whom @Cannagas uses to clean and inspect their tanks.


@SolventDirect your conpany is a fucking joke.

Don’t ever use these fucktards.

Like dred said I’d use canna gas or LITERALLY any other possible provider you can find besides these absolute morons.


They would be all over this thread is it was about hand sanitizer


im fucking dead @Gog

i could have sworn ive dropped shipped chemicals from @solventdirect to you @Siosis? I always respond to your texts in a adequate time…Maybe next time i can help… :man_shrugging: :wink:

:joy: :rofl: :joy: :rofl:

EDIT…i texted this to the owner and brought it to his attention. hopefully he responds soon for ya


Sorry I couldn’t resist🤣 They really should have hired you to run their business here.

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i was just looking for some vacation money. I dont need the money but me and @SolventDirect do a significant amount of business together and its in my best interest to make sure my clients have the best representation even if its not part of my job.

i honeslty thought i could have helped. even though that was kinda said in jest. :joy: :rofl: :joy: :stuck_out_tongue:


I thought it was a great idea, with your rep on here mixed with your top notch customer service, they would have this site on lock. You would probably do well offering their products on your site and drop shipping too, if you don’t already.


Yeah @SolventDirect offered me free 20lb tank 70/30 per my request. They agreed

Then sent me bill for $200…tank deposit and shilling i mean shipping.

I think the offer should have stood for free

Was disappointed. I was gonna do a detailed review of it


I didn’t know carbon chem did solvents fuck my life