solivent choices for column chromotography

I am looking to try my first column chromatography to isolate CBD, I have decided the obvious choice for the stationary phase is silica. I have heard of people using harsh solvents like hexane to do the mobile phase. Since this is being ingested, i would rather not use it unless I can get all the residual solvent out. My question is which solvents are best for the mobile phase of cbd isolation, and what other solvents would be used to flush the column of the remain cannabinoids? Even better is there some magical solvent choice for each individual cannabinoid?

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what solvents are not “harsh” by your standards and i can give you some parameters to try.

i was more speaking of the taste, I have heard it isn’t pleasant.

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you are correct…hexane tastes like gasoline.

I’ve always liked (what I assume is) Graywolf’s write up on the subject of hexane.

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Lol it totally does taste like gasoline.
A quick SPD pass takes away most of the taste on processed distillate, though.

Thought the idea was to get rid of all residual solvents…:joy: one might wonder how you can still taste it :wink:

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Heptane is sweeter. If I was ignorant of the chemical and didn’t know what it was, might take a sip.


how would one get rid of all residuals though, is it even possible. I saw a guy saying he couldn’t get less than 14 ppm on his hexane. Also haven’t looked at heptane yet, would it work for chromo

Yeah but that your really tasting? I don’t think so, but maybe…

Not my area, I just know if purged properly there is a consider"safe" level one might say…

Well, we’ll find out in about 20-30yrs :wink:

at what level would you consider ti safe though? 5ppm, 15pp?

sub-500ppm exposures normally fit within OSHA standards.