*Sold* Recovery pump- precision extraction GC5000

Item Model/Manufacturer: GC 5000 precision extraction
Price/MSRP: $7500
Current location of item: Santa Barbara, ca.
Estimated lead time:
Fulfillment: Direct from seller- shipping available
User support / Warranty:

Selling my GC 5000 aka “the punisher “ manufactured by precision extraction. Used it for a few months then moved to a place that doesn’t have enough power to run it. It retailed for $30,000 new and I’m asking for $7,500. Everything runs great on the pump. Feel free to message me with any questions.

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This is a Corken T-91 with black paint and renamed as the gc5000.

No idea how precision was allowed to do this back in the day lol.

They retail for $16k new.

The Corken actually has better head packing seal configuration.

These tend to have issued after a few thousand hrs, loosing efficiency.


That’s interesting, I never realized that’s what they were doing. I bought it a while ago, just looking to clear it from storage. Open to all offers.

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Always wondered the same thing, isn’t a company I’d trademark copy

Spray painted by precision extraction.

Original manufacturer is:


Bump. This machine will do its job, ide love to see it gone and put to good use. Open to all offers

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I am interested. I’m local - ish.

Please txt me 8zero534555three6

Is this still available