*sold* Never Used 12L Short Path For Sale

Lab Society G2 Executive Short Path Distillation Kit (12L Full Bore) with all the accessories needed.

Still in boxes and wrapping. Never Used. We paid $24,914.85 as you can see listed out below.

Make us an offer.

  1. [LS-SPK-12FB] G2 Executive Short Path Distillation Kit (12L Full Bore)
    PRICE: $13,895.00

  2. [SD07R-20-A11B] PolyScience 7L Refrigerated Circulator (-20C, Standard Digital, 120V)
    120V/ 60Hz/ 1Ph/ 12 Amps, Working temp -20° to 170°C, Reservoir size 7L
    PRICE: $3,172.50

  3. (2) [DY-KF25FX-500] Stainless Steel Flexible Hose Bellow, 50cm (1.6 ft.)
    PRICE: $150 Each

  4. (2) [DY-KF25F-1000] Stainless Steel Flexible Hose Bellow, 100cm (3 ft.) (KF25 (NW25)) PRICE: $199.00 Each

  5. [LS-CTK-2HE] Dual Inline Cold Trap Kit
    PRICE: $1,995.00

  6. [LS-PMK-S] Vacuum Pump Manifold Kit
    PRICE: $945.00

  7. [3161-01] Welch CRVpro Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump (Pro 16, 115V)
    -Ultimate Pressure - torr (mbar) 3x10⁻⁴ (2x10⁻⁴)
    -KF 25 connection flange
    -Oil capacity 2400 ml
    -Free Air Displacement @ 50 Hz, m³/hr (L/min) - 18.3 (305)
    PRICE: 3,475.00

  8. [1417P-11] Exhaust Filter (Welch) (CRV KF25 (NW))
    Standard exhaust filter for CRVpro 16, 24, and 30.
    PRICE: $596.00

  9. [USP-56461] Versilon® Tubing (5/16 In. ID x 1/2 In. OD x 3/32 In. Wall, SPX-50 Silicone) 20.000 foot(ft)
    PRICE: $63.75

  10. (4) [CG-198-H-12] Chemglass Removable Hose Connections (GL-18 Thread, High
    Temprature, Straight) 10.5mm OD, 7mm ID, 51mm Length
    PRICE: $14.60 Each

  11. (4) [CG-195-H-02] GL Cap with Aperture (GL-18 High Temperature, Black)
    11mm Aperture
    PRICE: $4.05 Each

TOTAL: $24,914.85

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Where are you located?

We are located in Colorado Springs, CO.

Would you take $20k?

I’ll give you a 6 layer Burito, but that’s as high as i’m going…


Sorry, this item has already sold.