So. OR Processor / Distributor WTB CBD Isolate 95%+

Located in southern OR and we have a client looking for 500 kg / month on a 12 month contract for high quality CBD Isolate at 95%+. Yes, i’m brokering the deal on behalf of our client. I’ve read the community’s feelings on brokering, but this is for business purposes on behalf of our client to provide the best customer service possible. We’re an honest outfit that is driven by integrity and professionalism. Please help. Thank you in advance.

30 kilos of isolate available in OR. Will make more if the price is right. 818-943-1156.

ZenLion I appreciate your reply and my apologies for the delay in response. I was out of pocket over the weekend and I handle several roles for our organization. I’m interested in learning more about how you may be able to assist us in providing our client with high quality CBD Isolate. In addition, moving forward I’d like to establish a good relationship with those in this community based on the fact that one of my roles is facilitating our clients by assisting them with their CBD needs. We may not always be able to provide them with the resources they’re looking for and I’m hoping to create meaningful business relationships here on the forums. I look forward to learning more from you. What were your thoughts on pricing per kilo with a 12 month contract in place? Take care and have a good day.

Are you still looking?

Hemp Exchange has a supplier for isolate that will beat any price on the market for large orders. I’ll PM you.

Count if you hadn’t found your supplier give me a call. I can send you samples with COAs aannnnd supply any amount you need. Contact me.