Smoke damaged extraction

Came across some material that came from indoors. There was a fire in another part of the facility and the smoke made it into the separate room with the live material. Best method to extract? BHO would like carry over acrid smoke smell. Would distillation be the only way to a clean product?

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Hmmm like a lot of smoke contamination or a little ?
Yes Distillate is your best option but iT be Nice to know how contaminates biomass is smoke has a lot of nasty s


Blast Some You Will know how bad iT is

Carbon scrubbing may prove useful

If it was live material how did the smoke get to it? Wouldn’t it have been in a deep freezer packed in dry ice? What about a cold water wash like a lot of farms have been doing to wash the soot off from all the fires.

Live as in still growing. The fire was in a different part but the worry is noxious fumes got embedded. It is down and dried now. Want to do a bho run but dont wat to contaminate my recovery tank for a single run.


How much material we talking here?

10 lbs…not that much and it was taken a week early because of what happened.

Your sieve should stop you from contaminating your tank? You shouldn’t contaminate your system, I wouldn’t worry. Change your sieve after the run and you will be fine. Run just tiny bit couple ounces maybe and see. What equipment do you have and what means do you have to cool your solvent before you run

If its hella gnarly toss it, you could try extracting it, but i think that batch is bound for edibles.

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.5 to 5 lbs CLS (MK4c) coils between recovery tank and cls then again between cmepol and recovery tank. Dry ice is our common cooling method on coils. No chiller. Cool tank with ice. Mole sieve before pump 3"x12" with hemispheric ends. All 3/8" line.

Follow up. Smoke did not damage product. While a bit premature it came out nice thca. Thanks for the input.