Smokable hemp 220 per unit 10k units compliant

Smokable hemp 3 strains 220 each all compliant


Some of the better looking smokeable posted on here lately.



The phone number isn’t correct 239

Sorry for the delay guys. New phone caused me to screenshot and send them to myself.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Cashapp venmo zelle PayPal but they act weird. Check cash. Credit card. However you can get me funds I can verify. 20 per lb for shipping anywhere in us usps priority. Shipped 100 lbs to a client Friday. Recieved delivery today. I have references


Have any more of this available?

Can you dm or post publically detailed close up pics of the product? I cant buy product like last time again.

I’m looking for quality, no boytris, mold, etc.


I’m looking for 1lb.

I can shortly. You can also zoom in on the picture for a close. Im pretty sure there are a billion pixels and you can zoom in pretty good lol.

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I just want to make sure no mold/boytris. The other guys looked great in the pics…until the bag landed in my lap. Then it didnt.


Lol not mine im actually selling hundreds of lbs a week. I’ll send pics. You can get references from on here too. 3 days usps priority at your door.

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Pics here shortly

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Pictures in natural sun usually work well

Ok. Give me 30 minutes

Hawaiian haze


Sulver haze

Sour space candy



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It’s all compliant and fucking fire. The terpenes are so much I get high from smoking them. They’re all lab tested multiple times to confirm they are compliant. I did a bunch of tests and maybe I just correlate relief with my interpretation of being high. I dunno. It’s a tested non psychoactive flower that gets me what I consider pretty stoned so maybe my price is too low. Lol. Call me day or night anytime I am on call unless the hemp drops me. Lol not joking
Brent aka Snook

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