Small scale equipment sale

We are selling our used Lanphan gear. It was in service for 4 months processing CBD.
In the list below you’ll find our asking price followed by the similar (though not always the exact same) offerings by
Prices are negotiable. Buyer to pay shipping or pickup in Las Vegas. Everything is working and sold as is.
DM if interested.

Equipment - asking - compare to retail new

Extractor 12000 17500

20L Rotovap system 9000 12500
Dual condenser, motorized lift, Aspirator vac, -40 chiller, extra 20L globe, stand, and extra gaskets

-80 chiller 8000 12500

Reactor w/heater 5000 6650

Aspirator vac new 600 900

Wow thnx for the great deals lol

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Is the price in the post or what’s the prices ?

Extractor 12000 17500

The prices are up there
Extractor for $12k that retails for 17.5k

Edit: never mind i understand your post now.

Good luck

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Snap …

But the original poster said this is all lanphan equipment but listed the usalabs price. Isnt lanphan much cheaper than the USAlabs price and this was all used.

i think i would be nice to see the lanphan invoices and price is at 40-50% of that price as we have learned lanphan has a interesting warranty policy.



Usalab is the us version of leakphang. Same type of equipment.

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Prices Re way over priced if it’s that companies equipment