Sixth Wave Innovations - Affinity™ Technology - Ask us anything

We wanted to take a moment to introduce Sixth Wave Innovations new Cannabis Purification Technology, Affinity™. Affinity™ is a patent-pending technology that is designed to replace Chromatography for Cannabis Purification. There have been many inquiries about the cost of our technology and our business model moving forward. Please let us know if you have any questions that might help explain why we believe the technology is a game-changer for the cannabis industry.

For more information, please visit our website @ sixthwave (.com)

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will you provide samples of your media for independent research?


Who decided that the royalty based system for selling your product was a good business model and how can I call them directly to laugh and cajole?


We do not provide samples of our media for independent research, but we do work with qualified customers on site with our testing kit and/or pilot system. We would be happy to work with you to test your product, please contact our team at to learn more.

We have specifically setup the business model to allow small cannabis operations to be able to use our technology quickly and affordably. The cost of chromatography is enormous when compared to our Nanotechnology. Chromatography is not only expensive to setup, but requires very expensive media and highly skilled labor to be effective. We have a solution for all Cannabis Extraction configurations, big and small. We would love to talk to you about your existing configuration with Luminary Medicine and show you how much money we can save you by switching to our system. Please reach out to our team at We are confident that you will want to work with us.

According to the price sheet posted, a plant producing 1000 kg a day would be expected to pay out 80 million dollars at an annual basis in licensing fees alone. I do not believe this is a lower number than the operating expense of running similarly sized chromatography


Chromatography isn’t expensive if you’re smart.



Do all the work, and you get a cut, that’s the plan?

Might want to think again about that business model…

Like @Rowan said, I’m sitting here laughing at this idea.

Traditionally, media suppliers sell someone a product, and that’s the end of the transaction… Why would your model be any better? It most definitely isn’t going to be cheaper for someone who knows what they are doing.

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Cut out the skilled labor and pocket the cash? Thats what you’re suggesting @Anonymous1234 ?


@MagisterChemist, do you know if this is for sure the resin I sent you a picture of when I was in Denver?

Funny if it is

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Man, I work for a company in CA that has an arrangement with a 3rd party that uses a royalty model to basically issue IPs for franchisees and everyday I literally want to bang my fucking head into the wall . It is exactly what you say - the 3rd party was paid 1,000,000 for the franchise license and they get a % on all consumables we have to buy from them - so we do all the work, they get money for abysmally shitty SOPs and methods 3-4 years behind currently industry practices, and if something deviates even slightly they don”’t want to be any part of the solution. Sorry for the rant


Lmfaoooo @Rowan

Chilllllll :rofl::joy::rofl:

I don’t know. I suspect it is!

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Can we see the pic @Kingofthekush420?!

If not, it is the same type of technology. Hey maybe they’ll do it for cheaper!

Let me see if I can find it

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I have a hint I know what it is. It’s not that, I promise.

Its MIP, were supposed to get some :wink:

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But their not :joy: