Silly chinese manufacturers




Appart from the unfortunate name there stuff is super interesting


I was looking into purchasing some items similar to these from alibaba recently. I’m always torn on whether to use chinese made equipment. Quality tends to vary. What’s your opinion on this?

I would only go with a chinese company for ethanol extractors. That really is their there strong suit, in my opinion. mostly cause they actually use it for traditional chinese medicine alot unlike hydrocarbon and co2 extraction which they never use so they really dont know they were just given a design to build. Did you happen to see their name? lol the image that got squashed will show u lol

Hey better get all the Chinese stuff you like! That’s soon to change with the new us policy. Myself I’m a little sad we won’t be able to do commerce with our Asian brothas and sistas!

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I feel ya. My primary income involves importing large volumes of goods from china and a lot of my goods are built with chinese steel. My supplier recently ask if i have a friend or family member that can forward my shipment threw Canada to the US. Its getting real. I have had several shipment come since last Friday with the same 5% steel tariff as always but i do fear the day i get a 25% tariff bill on a large order with chinese steel. I will probably end my business. I heard the welding industry is feeling the pinch too.

Dont think the company whose name is “DEA” is gonna gather much US business…LOL


Most of our steel already comes from Canada, now even more of it will :wink:

I had real nice stainless tanks from Asia, and Ben from @touchscience has excellent rotos, chillers, and glass reactors.

I would recommend never using chinese glass in deep vacuum applications though


Anyone seen Lab1st? They are on Alibaba, amazon, and etc, their equipment looks decent.

Some manufacturers on Alibaba list ISO9001 certification. I imagine any one with that cert would be likely to produce superior products to a US facility not having it. Many of the best and most delicately machined/manufactured things in the world currently are made in China.


I am in the process of ordering a 50L rotovap from them. I can update on quality once it arrives.


Let me know

Yes please let us know, I would like to order one of their buchners, they have some cool 10L+ ones, and possibly a roto, but was concerned about quality/inability to return/etc.

I talked to this company last week about getting another oven strictly for purging sauce. Tired of having my main oven occupied for sauce runs. They told me they have a warehouse in California and can ship immediately. Their prices arent much cheaper than sniping an auction for a BVV oven which are always on ebay for cheap. Oven was like $1050 without shipping but with my fedex acct. i could have got it under $1200

Does it look like this

Very similar.

Check out Senco for reactors, wfe, roto etc… we used them and they worked fine and were price fair. They had a bunch of glass issues in begining but have since fixed them. The biggest problem with china is the waiting period for parts. Now a days 1 day down costs us 10’s of thousands. So i cant afford to wait much more than 48 hrs. So we are sticking to US companies for the important shit.


I was in Shanghai in January I visited lab 1st and a few others. I gotta say they cut to many corners on the systems they aren’t the real manufactures. Are you speaking with Maggie?


I have spoken with Maggie about the systems. Both the glass and SS systems. What can you tell me about them? They can UL them for a little extra from what they say.

Your dealing with alilbaba? Maggie is with lab 1st and also ychem both are trash systems. Reach out to me when you have time if your serious about getting system!


Will do. :facepunch:


Have a lot of experience with glass Lab1st WFEs (MD80 and 150s). Would not recommend. Had consistant problems with glass breaking and equipment underperforming. I had 2 stills break on me in a month. Wiper blades were never even. Components of the system were inconsistent. I once had a replacement part that didn’t fit the same as the previous and had to get another shipped. The gear pump upgrade to the system makes it even more unusable because there’s an additional part to worry about. Reliability is the most important thing when it comes to equipment. These systems are unreliable.


Ychem is hilariously terrible