Sidco IT and Security Consulting



Name: Zach
Company Name: Sidco LLC
Contact Info: PM me here or email -
Location: Portland Oregon area
Team Size: 1
Services Offered: Linux IT Nerd for Rent

Security - Because it would suck if someone broke in and stole your data and products
IT Infrastructure Hardening and Vulnerability Assessment, Libreboot Expert, Encrypted Communication Platforms, Cameras, Access Control.

On-site & Cloud IT - Because half the battle is managing your information. The other half is utilizing it.
Data Backup Solutions, Website Deployment :wink: , ERP/CRM Services and Advanced tracking solutions, Robust Computer and Server builds, Excel Guru, Much More.

Support & Helpdesk - Because getting stuck in the dark bites.
General Support, Data Recovery, Program and Internet Training.

Rates: Will Quote based on work and travel. Long term contracts available. Generally speaking
$100/hr - Training / Support
$200/hr - Deployment
$250/hr - Development

States Available in: All
Insured?: No
OLCC Workers Permit?: No

Bonus: Group my services with another Verified Consultant and receive 10% off.


leet LnUx H4kZ0r dope
if people only realized how much money they could save using Linux lol