Should i run a lubricant in the roto?

Having a bit of a squeak and a partial slow down on the rotation of my 10l roto. Took it apart and cleaned it and reassembled it only to have the issue get better but not disapear. Is there a trick to getting the downtube perfectly centered? Is there a lubricant i should be using?? Thanks for the insight guys. :slight_smile:

Sounds like the gasket is worn down and it’s time for a new one. Should only be a couple hundred.

In the mean time, wipe down and clean the current gasket (should be two pieces) if you haven’t yet.

Thanks bigsur. Which gasket is it that you are refering to? I have a brand new unit. Ran only a few hours max. Just needed to take it apart to clean again as the unit was shipped with laundry soap in the condensers. Its a head scratcher :slight_smile:

That’s strange if it’s brand new, we had the same issue and got a new gasket. It fixed the problem immediately.

The gasket sticking inside the right end of the internal vapor duct.

Pull that gasket out, separate the two pieces and see if it’s worn down or not.

This was the issue! The front gasket wasnt installed correctly by me. :slight_smile: fixed it right up. No noise or slow down. Many thanks!