Shopping time!! I’m Looking to purchase!?!?

Hello there fellow community. It’s come timer make a purchase! I am shopping around for some equipment. I am looking to piece together a 5L unit, or if someone has a turnkey unit laying around that wants to sell. Will be looking for all the gadgets, and misc items and extras that will be needed for smooth sailing.

I will be doing my homework and looking around Myself but if anyone has any offers. Shoot me a message please!

Much appreciation & Great thanks!

Sincerely, CF

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Stop by my shop. We have alot of new surplus gear.

@spdking Where is your shop?

I can hook you up with fat discounts on AI gear! They’re got 5L turn key short paths ready to ship out

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Santa Cruz ca

I’ve got a used Summit 5L I might let go of.

DM me.


I can get something together I think