The nostalgia runs deep. The motivation runs deeper. This has been one hell of a ride and we sure ain’t slowing down. Thank you all!


What have you contributed that landed you I’m this list??

What have you contributed that landed you on this list

You’re adorable.
Maybe literacy? Try it.

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Good luck mo

You’re butt-hurt so you try to dox me? Fucking sad hahaha.
What have I do t to you, other then let you keep my equipment? Lmao

Here guys, you can fuck off in the echo chamber.


@sidco pelase keep my initial post?

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Ah yeah, moved that back…

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Dank you.


Granted you and bird never paid rent for working on my property… So ya I kept that price of crap system. Best of luck on the beaker award !

@Slothsquatch for the love of all things good in this world, why do you think this is the appropriate place to talk about your drama?


Honestly I wanted to hear from him what he did that landed him in the nominee list for the beaker award. I was gunna vote for old homie till he was rude about it.

All members were nominated unbiasedly from the first beaker award thread


Could have just said you brought a breadth of knowledge to the table for those that needed it …