Serious question, tell me if I'm an idiot though, acetone for extraction?

So, many a moon ago, when I was just a wee midget I read that acetone was used for hash extractions. I’m now somewhat curious to whether or not this is a stupid thing to do. I’m about to go do some research on it, but I wanted to throw it out there. I pretty much use it to clean everything, so that’s pretty much why my brain posed the question. What do you guys think? Am I being an idiot for even thinking about it?

pulls a lot of color and other not so desireables on crude extract.

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It does? I’m reading this just now.

Acetone tends to dissolve a lot of various plastics and rubbers that are generally used for sealing. It also tends to evaporate at a faster rate (than ethanol) at room temperature. I’m not sure of the safety factor but I’d guess that acetone is more dangerous to our health. Ethanol is a great solvent (especially at lower temperatures) to use for cannabinoid extractions and so it generally seems to be the better choice.

I’ve used acetone for small runs to make THCa crystals but that’s the limit of my knowledge.

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acetone(propanone) is not the same as acetonitrile

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We used acetone to make crude back in the day. It’s on the FDA’s GRAS list so it’s fairly safe…in general :). It definitely pulls undesirables but as with everything, the colder the better. And it does recover faster than ethanol.

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Yeah, I figured after reading a bit more. Found some other articles. Most likely gonna stay with the etho, doesn’t hurt to be curious about things though. Thanks for the replies all of you.

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Would you say it pulls more undesirables than etho? I ask because I had the hardest time getting the water solubles out of my bf in the beginning when using iso and acetone, so for some reason I thought maybe it wouldn’t pick up the water solubles?

This might have answered my question for me.

Edit: Always remember, safety first!

back in the 70’s the iso 2 machine.
you had 3 choices iso,acetone or everclear
for solvents. i chose iso or everclear. others used
acetone. dark oils from any of them. flavor wise
were about the same. hope this helps


Have to degum the crude. That’s the biggest difference

Biggest issue is attacking most gaskets. Make sure to check compatibility! Your options are very limited.

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personally i cant stand the smell of acetone, i usually dont care about solvent smells, i just mask up, but something about acetone makes my stomach churn, more than anything else ive encountered

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Hexane :nauseated_face:

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As mentioned above, acetone grabs a bunch of chlorophyll