Separating PG from Full Spectrum cannabis oil

I’ve got about 900 mL of 2 to 1 PG to extract is there a way to separate the 600 ml of PG from the 300 ml extract

can you evap the pg in a rotovap? Idk, spitballing here.

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Propylene glycol is a clear, colorless and hygroscopic liquid. Propylene glycol contains an asymmetrical carbon atom, so it exists in two enantiomers. … The freezing point of water is depressed when mixed with propylene glycol, owing to the effects of dissolution of a solute in a solvent (freezing-point depression).

I wish but I don’t think it’s that easy

Propylene glycol/Boiling point

I am reading that it is fully miscible in water though could it be that easy?

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that sounds like a viable option, try it with a small amount.

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Are all of the terpenes in a full spectrum extract hydrophobic? I imagine if I mixed water in to separate the cannabinoids from the PG it could potentially strip all of the terpenes as well?

I imagine a simple sep. Funnel is all that’s needed for this attempt?

The terps will float to the top. Try it out small scale and see what happens.

I’ve done this but not with terps present. I used:

Hexane (or other immiscible solvent that will solvate your “full spectrum”):H2O liquid-liquid extraction.

Wash the organic layer like crazy i.e. 5x with ample water and then 5x with brine. Use Na2SO4 to dry the organic layer and remove under vacuum (with traps, dial in your temps, one for solvent, closest to the pump, the other for terps) or use a nitrogen sweep to evaporate the solvent. This second method will better preserve your terps. The lower boiling your organic solvent the more easily you can preserve your terps.

I didn’t need to worry about terps so was able to use a rotovap.

Hope that helps

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I had destillate mixed with peg 400 at 50:50
Did a hexane brine wash and water wash several times got out 40 % by volume
But wasn t able to get iT all out
Still had that peg smell and viscositie and to make matters worse oxidated to dark amber so peg aint pg but good luck


Wikipedia on PEG 400 puts the ratio of hexane to PEG 400 in the water layer 15:1,000,000.

PEG 400 - Wikipedia

Here’s some chemists also answering the question.

The key being wash thoroughly with excess water.