Selling TWO 7.5cu and TWO 3.2cu AI Vac Ovens!

I have:

2 Across International 7.5cu Vacuum ovens with additional shelving. Asking $6500 ea OBO
2 Across International 3.2cu Vac Ovens. Asking $2800 ea OBO

Small Minor exterior blemishes as a result of transportation but in perfect working condition!!!

I am located up in Washington and am willing to negotiate shipping if it must they must be shipped.
Shoot me a DM or an email @

Happy Wednesday!!!
IMG-4600.PNG|281x500 !
IMG-4601.PNG|281x500 !


Oh man wait until tony gets his eyes on these bad boys


I’m hoping that’s a good thing hahaha



I’ve got a pure pressure rosin press. Used 10 hours. 5k new. Comes with 100 bags.


Selling individually or as a lot?

I can pickup in WA

Did you like it?

Why are you selling?

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I was attempting to set my girlfriends boys up in the business. They couldn’t execute. My business is Procan Labs. We are a very large scale oil producer. The press and a short path sit around collecting dust.

Still have the 7.5 ovens available? Could you send me power specs?

Yes I do please send me a dm so I can get in contact with you quicker. Went on vacation so now back ready to sell!:slight_smile:

We are selling individually or better deal for all 4!:slight_smile:

Have tons of ovens and making room for new projects and clearing out storage units:)

Email me your best price on one 7.5 shipped to Oklahoma