Sell me some CBN

Need around 200g of CBN initially then minimum of 1kg regularly. Can be distillate or isolate. No sulfur stinky material. Clean clean clean please. Doesn’t need to be a thc free or even compliant as it will be diluted significantly. Let me know what you have on hand, DM with pricing and COA. Thanks! :rocket:

Can usually get it for ya at 24/g


I messaged you. I have a great plug for minors.

I can get you 200g of some 95% CBN <0.5% D8 THC shipped out tomorrow at $16/g.

I don’t have a plug, I am the plug. I made this myself and can attest to the quality. It would be a slightly pink crystalline form.

Let me know if you’re interested, we’d be happy to work with you.

I don’t suppose your selling that method per chance lol

@vanillagorilla808 isn’t on here. I buy my cbn from him 99.9 with coa. Buy small @ $20g. Kilos are like 16-17 or something

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