Seems to be the cheapest falling film on the market??

Liquiflo is what I am using. Gear pump shopping can be an arduous process. You will need a pump with low npshr if you are going to pump against vacuum.


I know! That’s what I said, unless I’m shot down from wanting it for some crazy reason I’m not seeing ,I think I’m going to pick one up

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No you cant use peristaltic pumps efficiently

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I know it’s not going to be 100% efficiency with the chiller and heater have or even the transfer pumps. But it WILL be stainless and not glass which I really like,and for about $145k cheaper than for the closest similar setup, I think I’ll have some $ to spare for pumps :rofl:

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Yeah I’m only looking for .5 gal per minute or 30 gallons per hour, I do t think the pumps will be that expensive.

I need the same throughput as u, really interested to see ur progress on this, if u do get it!


We are an Chinese manufacturer sell rotary evaporator and falling film evaporator,please contact me( get a good price for them.

:wink: already having my proto type made.

Theres alot of work that goes into these, I’d be skeptical if this body for 15 k would even run correctly. Its takes a little bit of engineering to get these things to run right

I always laugh too when i see people using tube and shell for condensing. Plate heat exchangers are better and save way more space. My unit should fit on a 30 x 36 rack.


LOL it’s a jacketed condenser :joy: they have been used for a decade now in our purpose and just being repurposed for falling film, so tell me then, what “engineering” separates your spool from the spools already on the market? Nothing.
Bring your snake oil somewhere else LOl

can you post a picture of your falling film models?

1 have 2 of these 3 channel plate heat exchangers. I can sell them under retail they are new never put into use.


Lol you can actually tell by my picture what different if you look closely :wink: obviously you’ve never tried to run or build a FFE or youd know :wink: how do you get even liquid distribution through all the tubes? Theres several ways to do it all with different results. Mine uses the design on the tube and shell to do it if you must know so before you come in here talking maybe you should do a little research instead of looking like a noob :slight_smile:


hydraulic expanded or welded tubes?
how are you heating your shell/tube unit?

Welded, the water will be heated by either an electric water heater or a propane water heater depending on your evap rate and customer needs. I can hit 50 gallons an hour on a 36kw electric water heater and a 10 ton water chiller. I’ll have my prototype done soon


Maybe 50 an hour with just ethanol :joy:

Lol your lack of thermodynamics is quite amusing. 50 gallons an hour is easy. I know someone hitting 2 gallons a minute without even using a chiller :wink: amazing what well water can do


Yeah lol, they use tap water don’t they :laughing: is that “proprietary IP” as well :rofl::joy:

And I have plenty of thermodynamics

Did you mean my understanding of thermodynamics? I’m lost with what your saying there…

Clearly u don’t realize how vastly different a solution containing cannabinoids reacts than with just etho

I think it’s you sir that needs to hit the drawing boards again. Or at least present yourself a little more fluent in your argument :upside_down_face::wink::face_with_monocle:

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Looks to me like you got some numbers from bizzy and a haphazard plan to make a ffe, but alas, have you done said task?

Lemme guess the low cost of $50k for yours? :joy::rofl::sweat_smile: nah man I’m getting one of these bad boys :wave:

Oh noob please bizzy bee got those numbers from the FFE thermodynamics spreadsheet calculator. Hey look at that! If I plug in his numbers it works out!!! Hmmm maybe you need to do a little more research like I said buddy