Seems like there is still a lot of biomass out there


Am I the only one seeing this. Last year this time…people were begging for it, now I see a lot still available.

What is it going to be like next year with so many more farms coming online


Fresh Frozen Ethanol Extraction: Whole Plant Versus Biomass Trim Yields of Distillate

Price drop for biomass, probably. Great for processors, not so great for farmers.

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Processors Will feel to i am afraid in the end iT s always like that :weary:



As true a statement as I have read all day… Nc was flooded with hemp this year… Hurricane wiped out 75% of the crop. And we still sitting on over 80% of what we grown ( just in my 100 square mile piece of this world) even the farmers with 13% still sitting on it…



Get rid of what You have left quick
For there is a shitload Coming this fall
I mean a shitload



I believe that is there any need to grow a 2019 crop of say 14% stuff without a contract. And @Roguelab we Bonn tring to sell for months. 3.50ppp

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A lot of people and farmers are gooing to get hurt this fall
Many try jumping on the band wagon without a cleu of what they are dooing and even thou hemp is a weed UT s still a delicate crop especially for certain states with a lot of Rain and high Hummidity
Also in the few days i was there i have spoken to so Many people with the craziest foolish idea s that i feel sorry for them
Getting pissed at me When trying to make them realize that now hemp Will be a commodity and not a special crop
And putting everything on the line yust to participate in this industrie with No knowlidge what so ever this Guy i met
Has a 8 acre farm and bought a teabag production line for his crop of cbd hemp
And is confident his cbd Will dissolve in the hot water :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:



If i Where You i would start extracting that stuff yourself with an investment of 10000
You can have those 5000 pounds in a month 6 weeks and make enough wait for sales with the rest

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Wasn’t there someone fear mongering people saying that there is gonna be some huge shortage because of demand. Hahaha.

I knew this was gonna happen.



OP, where are you located? Here in CO, I’ve had multiple “large” brokers that had been dropping thousands of pounds at a time to be extracted suddenly run out or have shortage, not sure if this is just seeing the gravy % hemp drying up and getting down to the 6-8% stuff or what’s happening. As a guy doing 700ish lbs/day I’d love to get more contacts that have biomass and are in need of extraction capacity.



Im in OR and there are still farms with product from 2017 they havent been able to move. the stuff is pretty much rotting in place, kinda sad, and its super cheap too. I pulled samples from a few bags, all tested at like 7-8%, COA said 11%.

told the guy, you gotta move this stuff before all your profit evolves off.



Now thats a good advertisement