Seeking Position Extraction/Post Processing/Analytics

Hello All,

I am currently seeking a position with a cannabis extracts company that loves extracts and has a passion for producing a quality product people will love.

I have a four year chemistry degree, over four years experience in the pharmaceutical industry, and over two years in the Oregon recreational industry.

While I have extraction experience working with CO2 and ethanol, I’m especially passionate about separations technology and analytics. In my previous role, I leveraged HPLC of raw flower, crude extract, refined oil, and distillate to perform mass balances on cannabinoids to determine total cannabinoid recovery for a given process. I also have experience with distillations (spinning band distillation) and formulations.

I am experienced with Oregon Administrative Rules, Chapter 845, Division 25, and have had successful audits from the OLCC. I also have experience as a METRC administrator and have used METRC data in web applications I have created to help visualize inventory.

Resume available upon request


Are you available for more opportunities in Southern California? Or know anyone

Email me when you can: