Seeking Managers

Seeking cannabis or cbd extract managers

College preferred
Chemistry test required
DM resume

I have a lot of experience in extractions from bho to distillate


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Not super interested in the job, but I’m interested in the chemistry test lol, can you DM me a copy so I can see if I pass or fail :woman_shrugging:




Stole the words out of my mouth! :laughing:


Only selected candidates will be administered the chemistry test

Its a thumbprint
Welcome to the family


Anything but a thumbprint you couldn’t do it yourself

Ok smart guy

Here is a preview:

Consider the reaction

2NO (g) <—> N2 (g) O2 (g)
This reaction occurs at 297 K with 0.333 M nitric oxide initially, at equilibrium the concentration of nitric oxide is 0.012 M. Find Kc.

*10 minutes to solve

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@rowan @rowan?

OK OK I get it you’re a little behind the curve here’s a question that might be a little more your Speed;

Consider this compound formula: C17H18F3NO

Calculate the molar mass

Hello there

Are you actually using equilibrium constants? In my entire PhD, including seminars and other people’s dissertation defense talks I only saw Kc when I taught chem 1b
Also where are the location/s you are trying to hire for?


Dude I haven’t touched that shit since gen chem… Why on earth would you need your lab manager to be proficient in reaction kinetics? Wouldn’t you prefer someone be an expert in organic chemical extraction, purification, synthesis, or other for a cannabis related job? Where’s my arrow pushing mechanisms dog???


I want thinkers and science minded people. All the extraction stuff you mention can be learned (and saves me the trouble of undoing bad habits). These are trivial chemistry problems. I don’t really even care if they get the right answer I want to see how they think.

And actually the question above has nothing to do with reaction kinetics it’s a really basic equilibrium problem and I don’t know why a bring up arrow pushing diagrams I didn’t ask any O chem questions

Like I said I’m looking for thinkers and scientists I’m not looking for route recipie followers or backyard brew butane blasters. If you don’t agree with what I’m doing don’t respond

Do you allow them to use their phones and other resources at their disposal in the allotted time?
If so, fair test.

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No no phones you’re given a certain amount of time and like I said I really don’t even care so much about the correct answer I want to see how you think and I’m looking at your notes and calculations to really gauge your thinking

This is really common in tech in that a lot of times you’re given whiteboard problems and the interviewer doesn’t really care if you get to the right answer they want to see your thought process and that’s what I’m doing here

I’ve never been given a gen Chem test for any lab job in my 3 previous positions outside of the hemp industry. Seems unnecessary but you’re the one hiring!

Edit: common in tech because it’s relevant, not so relevant here imo.

Don’t apply for this job if you’re not looking to catch a case.

You’ll go down with them, it’s in the stars.