Seeking job in Colorado

Hey everyone,

Just reaching out to see if possibly any leads in Colorado for potential work(Preferably within 1.5 hrs of Denver). I have held almost every job in the industry from trimming to running a closed loop. I run my little SPD as a hobby here and there so I have a bit of knowledge of that also that I have collected from here. More or less I’m looking for a spot I am going to start from the bottom and work my way up while learning more advanced techniques as I go. I am a very hard worker that is very reliable who will show up everyday and bust his ass. Really trying to avoid indeed and craigslist becaue obiously their turn over rate is high for a reason. Resume can be sent upon request and any leads are def apprecaited.


Bump for an incredible opportunity to bring a killer addition to any team. This guy is the definition of driven and incredibly versed in all aspects of cannabis from cultivation to processing. Incredible charisma, passionate leader, driven worker, and extremely capable with his hands. Constantly impressed me with his ingenuity.

Miss you friend, hope you’re doing well!


We are in Montrose and I’m looking for someone to commit to the lab and help me maintain the normal production which includes cpc chroma, distillation, emulsions, freeze drying, tableting and much more.
I know we aren’t local to Denver, but if you could move to the west slope I’m looking for someone passionate about this industry to bring into the lab.
Hit me with a resume if the distance can be overcome!


Thanks for the kind words buddy. I def miss working with you and getting to talk about hash and mooshine all day haha. I really hope michigan an ol Chris Woods is taking care of you. Hey @TheLastHashbender I really appreciate the opportunity. I am about to DM you and we can talk about the position. The knowledge and experience to be gained is definately worth a few hours relocation I would think .