Seeking consultant for type 7 extraction license CA

My associate recently acquired a type 7 volatile extraction license as well as distribution license for California. He has a building for lease in Oakland. We have investors ready to move. What we need is to provide them with an FTP cost/revenue analysis, which I am experienced in.

What I’m asking for is consulting on itemizing all costs and revenues, fixed and variable on a month to month basis. Best and worst case scenario. We are prepared to include said consultant in the payment agreement as a partner, or set up a balloon payment for services rendered as soon as the company becomes profitable. We are well connected in the industry and have access to top of the line lab equipment as well sourcing for biomass and crude.

Thank you for your time!


Lets talk! We have a strong Pro forma and modeling setup for this type of license and would love to help.

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@Future is having a knowledge sesh on this. May be worth looking into before going another route

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We will be covering compliance at this knowledge sesh, and I am definitely not the guy for that job. But appreciate the reference!


When / where is this sesh? Thanks for the tip!

Would love to help you guys out. I’ve been doing volatile extraction for over three years from managing to now owning. I’ve put together Line by Line fixed/variables for a six month, 5 million dollar cultivation, manufacturing, distribution project. You give me your Operating specs and I can give you the knitty gritty.

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Added my number to the post

I currently work as the lead extracto for a Cali type 7 facility and helped set up this facility from the ground up.

Message me and we’ll work something out.