Seed Co/breeders best for extractions,ADD UR TOP 3!!!

Hey all, so let’s just get straight to the point, first there may be no right answers!

I want opinions right now, considering the variables ( the grower). They always could be screwing things up and calling it awful, I’ve seen it happen!

But as far as extracts, do y’all have a preference?

Terps, THCa, extracts! These are my passion now and I’m just looking for some new companys to try, old ones, new ones,

They have to ship all over USA or it won’t help me!

Looking for those companies that’s powering up all the wonderful extractioneering that’s going! Genetics genetics genetics!!


Symbiotic gentics, gage green group and reserva prevada are all top of the line breeders. Mass medical strains, thug pig and in house genetics look dank too but haven’t tried myself.

Good breeders + good grower = best nugs and best oil :smiley:


Thank you thank you!!!

I have Skywalker kush from reserva pravada at moment, one of my favorites,!

Thank you please keep em coming

And to ALL , let’s keep it a full experience based opinion! Thanks all


I just got a bunch of seeds from solseeds, they have a lot of good breeders on there. Exotic genetics, thug pug, etc. Ships from the US too and they do ship to non legal states.

That being said, my favorite strain in rotation right now is from Greenpoint seeds - Lemon G x Monster Cookies. The terps on this one smell identical to a super concentrated lemon peel. The extracts I make from this strain are mind blowing in lemon flavor… It’s my favorite strain to date.


Anyone still doing tga subcool?


I always wanted to, been eye balling those babies for about 15yrs… Any one in particular?
They were always glimmering.

Soxhlet, question, so I was always taught there is no THC inside the bud, only on trichs… When we extract is this true… Next were are the terpines located, are they on the trich also, or spread throughout the bud… Just trying to get on if the most coated ones makes the most and further the knowledge a lil, thanks bro

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Buds are made from calyxes and pistills that stack on each other as the buds grow, both of these structures contain the chief amount of tricombs. The head of tricombs has a mixture of cannibinoids, terpenes and other goodies within a waxy outer coating. These structures by way of growing on top of each other often place tricombs evenly thorough out the bud. I’m sure you’ve rolled a joint and broken up the bud by hand. I’m sure you noticed the tricombs inside as well as outside of the bud.What are trichomes and why do they exist on cannabis? | Leafly
I like space dawg, and time wreck for the tga genetics. Buds extract best if broken down to small peices, just don’t pummel it too much.


Ok so I knew I was right, in a sense and so was he, I said I know it’s all way through but I’m not sure if trich form inside, he said no no no just outer on trichs… Thanks for clearing the issue up

try to get the real clone of gorilla glue 4, it produces nice extracts and yields well for hash


No clones, like I said, if I can’t get shipped around USA not gonna happen…I use seed banks like attitude seeds

I’m just looking for the individual companies though, which company makes gorilla glue 4 ? I’ll look it up and see if they offer it

I was about to send you this but unfortunately it’s out of stock now :frowning:

You might be able to find it elsewhere, but it has GG in the genetics.

I picked some up a couple months ago, ran one seed, ended up being a male, so I have another one starting now. The male vigor is insane though, so I’ll be keeping that one and collecting some pollen from it. I’ll know in around a month probably if this one is a female or not, then I can provide some flower feedback on the strain.

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Many famous strains like GG4 and GSC are propagated by cutting only so anyone selling seeds for them is scamming. Although commonly breeders will get hold of these cuttings and cross them with their own stash and promote them real hard and lots of people fall for it and buy average quality seeds for top quality prices. Always research your strains and breeders before investing in genetics!

I also find that there are seed banks out there that sell seeds with no breeder info. I have bought euro seeds like this before and while there were some quality plants in the mix I would never buy unverified genetics again as there is too much phenotypic variation and instability in the genetics…from my experience.


Generally I use the bank Attitude seeds… But as far as actual breeders… Im all open ears… If attitude can’t get, I’ll go where can😁

Attitude is one of the best seed banks I know of. They have a huge selection of breeders and I have never had their packages stopped by customs. Good selection of verified breeders for a good price and great stealth shipping, what more do you need from a seed bank haha


Great lakes genetics!

Check out some of tony greens work. Epic.

Darlins net from ninefold is epic as well. I run that cut, and have been for years and years.


Are these breeders I can look up and get seeds? I’m no where near the Right coast for clones…

Unless your gonna send me some!!!:joy::joy::joy::joy::pray::pray: :joy::joy::joy:

@skankhunt420. Yes I love attitude!!! I don’t go anywhere else but, if they don’t carry I will try :wink:

What’s your top 3 off all times, that’s verified for sure the breed or you grew it yourself to know for sure… That’s what I have to do!

Hey that’s a great one for all, question above. What’s your TOP 3 of all TIMES! Please only verified strains… Please be specific breeders and all!!!
@Soxhlet @anon56994712 @clouds @skankhunt420

They are all great breeders

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Ok great, I don’t know how I didn’t see that!!!

Reserva making my list, I love Skywalker Kush, is a part my new line up!

there are ways of sending clones through the mail…

cultured meristems on a petri dish is the first that comes to mind.

You gonna send me some? Haha? I’d like to see me asking a clone company, yeah just drop in the mail…I’ll buy from you though,
Home Depot send plants all the time