Second pass CBD, spinner stopping?

So I’m doing a second pass on some CBD distill. I’m have a problem with the spinner going strong with great percolation. However it’ll randomly just stop…
Anyone have an idea on what would cause this?

If the heat gets to high they quit spinning would be my first guess

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I’ve never had a problem with that. Especially I run low on heat usually. Maybe just a demagnetized spinner…?

You talking about a magnetic stir bar? You can demagnitize the bar by exceeding its curie temp, that is pretty commen when your temps are really high.,ss:44&prds=epd:675772116723631186,paur:ClkAsKraX6xsE724Qb9AWpCM7FxOxRwx0tbUYBc07w4xY3SJz8zgaCCYTCkJx7XZZFg4SYbHK30aDDrhm678eq9B-v9PTRV5ahbGPTQMBjpjc1VqnfBlxYbshRIZAFPVH70BEPrM8aTQkhSa9eWpBjYBkcAfFw,cdl:1,prmr:1,cs:1&ved=0ahUKEwj90fKbk4vfAhUhNH0KHTxEDDYQgTYI5wM
sumerian cobalt should get you better results, above is a link to a stirbar made with it.


I’ve never exceeded 230C mantle on tails, and I’m using a rare earth magnetic stir bar

Have you had the bar for a while?

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Maybe 2-3 months…

They can loose magnitisim from dropping them, improper storage, and running above the working temp. Sounds like its time for a new one!

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