Searching for the right vacuum pump for a 100Liter stainless steel spd

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Been working on this 100L s.s. Spd unit we designed and custom built ourselves. Only piece missing is the vacuum pump so we can start trials and errors. Can anyone in the barrio help a cholo out? point us in the right direction in what pump would work.(We didnt build a wiped film because were not familiar with wiped film distillation) we been looking at masport viper vacuum/pressure pump 350 cfm
And the masport titan vacuum/pressure pump 407cfm. Is anyone else using these kind of pumps? Theres a company out of Oregon that sell 265L ss spd and they use a 2 stage 125cfm vacuum pump and a 550cfm booster. Any ideas/suggestions on what would work for our unit?
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Wow please post more pictures I am so intrigued- I might have a pump for you


Cant imagine the size of the cold trap you need on that monster


We have a rebuilt e2m80 & a roots blower that will mate to it. Should do the trick…


hell yeah. nice insulation.

what seal(s) does your mixer have?


Yes, please more pictures


I thought there were not to many over head mixers with seals that could handle extreme vacuum


look at a wiped film unit, its got a mixer that handles deep vacuum

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Whats up my friend. What kind of pump are you thinking would work

Hey thanks for help can you dm me ?

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Can you dm me?

I bet @cannfab could spec something appropriate for you. More pix please!?

I would look into a dry screw pump leybold makes some pretty powerful ones and i even saw them for cheap on ebay


This might work nicely:

For something like that you need

Two stages on the first bay of pumps.
Two stages on the second bay…
And four stages on your third bay.

You will need three bays in your pump array.

First bay will have two single stage pumps.
Second will have two - two stage pumps.
Third will have two - two stage and one diffusion for main secrion(diff will need to be around 1000lps for 100 liter pot) and your diffusion will have it’s own dual stage roughing pump.

Got it all in stock. With analytical sensor assembly ready to ship asap. If you need a circuit map let me know. Anyone trying to sell you a roots blower with a e2m80 doesn’t understand you’ll blow your e2m80 second stage with the blower pushing off gas through it and you will never get that pump into a low temp distillation cusp compared to if you did it a bit differently.

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Valid can’t believe those evaded my mind lol

What do you suggest sir? You seem to know alot lol anyways man were serious about our work and what we do. Thanks for your help my friend.

What up homies! Heres the pic some of you been asking for. With everyones help and advice were pretty close to getting this unit dialed in and ready to start with trials and errors. Muchas Gracias!!! Apreciate everyones feedback and interest.


You’ll probably be best off with a big backing pump and roots/blower pump type setup. Definitely vacuum check that thing. I think the sight glass will leak if you’ve bought the cheap ones off amazon. If you need the pumps or to fix the sight glass I can help

Shouldn’t this be a jacketed dephlegmator (condenser)?