Savage Bros 200# Chocolate Melter Never used EAST COAST/ MA PICKUP ONLY

Item Model/Manufacturer: Savage Bros
Description: 200# chocolate melter
Price/MSRP: $6k cash, usps money order. (1s 5s 10s and big messy stacks of 20s are accepted)
Current location of item: Massachusetts
Estimated lead time: Available for pick up immediately
Fulfillment: you pick it up
User support / Warranty: Tail light warranty

Bought this melter for 12k like 2 years ago, it was never plugged in or used its been in storage since it was purchased. It will fit in the bed of a pick up truck or van.

Here is a link to the item:

For trades I can take: old rolexs, scrap jewelry at 80% melt value (I wont ask questions), gold or silver bullion. Old soda or beer cans at 60% market value (3 cents each), Scrap copper, blocks of aluminum, scrap steel, not-stolen spools of wire, loose change, pre 1964 silver us currency at 16x face value, kei cars or kei trucks, 6 lug rims (nothing over 20" please), if you have a hot girlfriend we can talk more in PM for 5% price reduction, bitcoin and all forms of crypto, vintage fishing gear, old blown out Supras or JDM project cars


catalytic converters


What kind of price reduction for an



It depends on age

20-30 5% off
30+ 4% off
40+ 3% off
65+ 10% off


So it’s like the inverse of KBB on spent ass. Understood.

This is a steal if no one hops on it.


Let the barter economy begin. I love taking old scrap and bullion and such.

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Let me run it for a percent in perpetuity. Maine

Located in northeast . Very interested. Please pm me