SALE SALE $250 crude and $600 distillate!

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen,
As many of you know we are a small hemp farm that uses organic growing practices. Our products are available in colorado only. No shipping. Clean full panel coas for all product. Lets do this!

300 KG of crude for $250 each
15 KG of distillate $600 each

Have a grateful day.


Damn no shipping


Let’s get this post bumpin’

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Damn Shame no shippin…


Not to many people in CO into that hemp. Just an idea for your endeavours. I believe you are allowed to ship to processors that will be “remeadiating” that disty. I hold said manufacturing LIC in Cali and @Killa12345 already has a deposit for one of those. :wink:


Yes we are greatly reducing our market but we still sell alot of products in colorado. Looking to have a lab to do some remediation but tough to find one that wants to do it on a split.

Better get it while you can
Brother, get it while you can
When I’m home from working I’m a hungry man
I like your biscuits in my gravy ma’am
Before the stores all close get it while you can

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All day eeeerday. Let’s do this.

I wish i could get to CO. Id get every last scrap od that sold, cause id ship :stuck_out_tongue:

not knocking ya for following the rules

only problem with that is then id be in CO


Haha yeah I know, its moving locally and we have had lots of happy CO clients.

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Get the fire while the gettins good folks. Long distance runner what you standing there for?

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