[Sale or Trade] Xtractordepot 200lb infinity tank OBO

Located in LA - no shipping(don’t need anything breaking on me)

Hello, my company no longer does any hydrocarbon extraction so we are getting rid of our last item. Here’s the link:


It has no jacket but does have a inner cooling coil. 6inch clamp is a USA made high end clamp. I can’t remember the company but I can find it if absolutely necessary. Swagelock valves and fittings. Valves are tube fittings so they line up perfectly for operator ease. We take good care of equipment. No dents or major scratches. Has the standard Xtractordepot Depot(merge scientific) glass sights.

Xtractordepot Depot claims it can hold 106lbs of butane. The pressure vessel can also handle propane.

If anyone is interested, give some contact details here and I’ll send over any pictures or other information you request!

Cash or crude are the only payment options. Maybe a rotovap or other SPD equipment but no guarantees. We can talk! I’m open and easy to work with.

Dm’d. lmk please and thank you

Can you let me know what price your interested in

Text me at 503 516 1267


Is this still available?

Wanted to know if the product is still available. Please call or text me at 503 516 1267