Runny distillate and cartridge aperture size?

Recently ended up with some pretty runny distillate. Didn’t notice it until after I already mixed with terpenes, but now it moves quite a bit at room temp. I mixed with 5% terpenes as I normally do, and it’s far runnier than anything I’ve experienced prior. Turns out the source material that was extracted was 8% CBD and 5.5% THC. Have never run anything with so much CBD so I figure that is what is causing it to be so runny.

Still need to submit for testing, but in the meantime I’m wondering if such a runny distillate will still work well in the carts we use - 2.0 aperture CCells. Is that hole size too big for runnier distillates or high CBD distillates? Going to make some test carts with it tomorrow and see, but just wondering if I should plan to order carts with a smaller hole.

So far no crystallization in the jar after 24 hours, but I’m keeping an eye on that too.

I would try 1.4 or lower for a runny cart.