Running Shatter Again. Any Tips?

Tested some Shatter and it was not up to par. I’d like to run it again. Any tips? I was thinking of freezing it, smashing it and adding it in with some new product. I’m assuming that if it is run on its own, it will clog up the filtration and stop flow.

You guys have any tips?

Run it warm through CRC. Don’t freeze it. Also hold the column for a while, 15-20 minutes if pressure allows it to fully dissolve prior to running


Thank you, appreciate the tip! I’ll give that a go :slight_smile:

if you need agitation to dissolve the shatter you can use a magnetic grade of ss ball bearing inside the column. By using a magnet on the outside of the column you can agitate the resin solvent mix.


warmth/agitation will be needed to get the slabs to dissolve. freezing to break is no problem, just dont compact it into a ball after.

Soxhlet have you seen this: Metal Contamination using Magnetic Stirring with Stainless Containers

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Dissolving with violent additions of solvent and multiple additions of solvent worked for me in the past. I’ve put 125 - 250 g through a 5lb cls system. Toward the higher end of input I see a drop in return.

This is defiantly a factor, abrasion certainly will remove particles. This is an issue with wiped thin film evaporators as well. Abrasive feedstock can erode the wipers, the ptfe particles can make their way into the distillate by means of splashing onto the internal condenser.

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